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Hostel Dues and Mode of Payments

Annual Rent 22500 per annum.

Annual rent of Rs 22500 has to be paid on compulsory basis irrespective of the duration of students stay in the hostel.
This rent shall not be adjusted and is non-refundable.

  • Hostel Admission Fee 800.00
  • Buliding Fund 1000.00
  • O. Fee Rs. 200.00
  • Medical Charges 500.00
  • Security (Refundable) 1000.00
  • Mess Charges 24000 per annum

Hostel dues include electricity, water charges room rent, correspondence charges, establishment charges, maintenance charges, development of the hostel compound etc.

Mode of Payments

Mess charges are payable in three equal instalments of Rs. 8,000 each, first in July, second instalment by 15th October and third by 20th January.